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Troopers Hill in the 1960s

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These photographs were posted by Stephen Groome on the Bristol - Then and Now Photographs facebook group.

The photos demonstrate the extent of the habitat change on the hill since that time. The photos are taken from the other side of the river with St Anne's prefabs (which were on Wootton Rd) in the foreground, behind them are the black towers, chimneys and other building belong to Butlers Tar Works.

The quarry faces below and to the left of the chimney on top of the hill disappeared when the area became Malvern Road Tip and the Council tipped large amounts of building rubble. This area is now covered in woodland.

The building at the bottom of the hill towards the right of the top photo (appearing over the top of the Tar Works buildings) is Stones Rank Cottages these have now been replaced by a children's nursery.

In the second photo you can see St Aidan's church at the top of the hill. Some of the cottages on the hillside in Crews Hole below the church are still there, but some have been extended, so are difficult to recognise.

It is not possible to get the same view now because of the new housing that has been built in St Anne's, but you can get an idea of how it has changed on Bing maps 'bird's eye view'.

The third photo is the other two merged together to show the entire view.

Apart from the new building and the tipping the most significant change has been the increase in trees and scrub on the hill. The hill's grassland and heathland is an important habitat for a range of invertebrates and the area of this has now significantly reduced; though the increase in heather and broom over the years has been a benefit for wildlife.

The habitat management work carried out by Friends of Troopers Hill and Bristol Parks in accordance with our Management Plan has been aimed at preventing further scrub encroachment and and in some area recovering some of the heathland.

You can see more about how the habitat on Troopers Hill has changed on our Photo Survey page.

There are more old photos of the hill and the surrounding area on our Old Photographs page

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