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Memories of Troopers Hill
from Mr B Alvis
Stone's Rank

Stone's Rank was a terrace of four cottages that stood on the site of the nursery at the bottom of Troopers Hill.

1930sThis 1930s view shows the roof and chimney of the wash-house that was behind the cottages.

The area where the boys were standing is now covered in scrub and small trees so that it is impossible to see the same view now. It is possible to pick out the slabs of rock shown in the photograph on the slope behind the nursery, though they are also obscured by shrubs.

We think that the name Stone's Rank came from Stone and Tinson who probably had the cottages built.

1930sThis picture shows the front of the cottages in the 1950s. The young boys from the 1930s photo have now grown up.

The dramatic landscape in the background of this photograph is now completely covered with woodland, having been used as a tip in the 1960s.

Ownership of the cottages had passed to Butlers when they purchased the Stone & Tinson site in the 1920s. In the late 1950s the cottages were declared to be unfit for habitation and the tennants had to move out. They were probably demolished soon after- wards.

We would like to learn more about Stone & Tinson if you have any information, please Contact Us.

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