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Air Balloon Hill School using the new DOE steps

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Last year a visit to the woodland via the DOE path from Troopers Hill Field would have been deemed too slippery to risk with a class of young schoolchildren. Thanks to the new steps, built by TCV as part of the Stepping Forward project http://www.troopers-hill.org.uk/steppingforward a class of Air Balloon Hill School visited yesterday, Monday, 17th December.
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Richard Gascoyne, their teacher, had carefully briefed the children that once they were in the woodland they must not cross the barrier that had been put there especially for their marshmallow toasting mission. This was reinforced by a spirited rendition of the hokey cokey ensuring feet and arms stayed out of the circle. Then it was a special version of "Here we go round the mulberry bush" so pupils were kept warm and active while adults prepared some extremely safe fires.
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You do see some strange animals in the woods sometimes.

Hollows had been prepared in the ground and split wood was place in each hollow, then some screwed up paper and then kindling.
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The children cleaned their hands with antiseptic gel and then were handed out skewers for their marshmallows.

At this point your trusty reporter had to leave the scene to go to a meeting but I hope to add more photos soon from a parent who was also there. However I have been told the children had a great time toasting their marshmallows. They learned about fire safety and enjoying the woodland in winter.

Thank you to Jules the Park Keeper who visited the area beforehand to make sure the area was litter free, to Bristol Parks who gave their permission for the event as the landowner and to Richard plus all the parents and helpers who made sure the children had an enjoyable visit to Troopers Hill woodland and left the site looking as good as when they arrived.

Posted by Susan, Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:16 am

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