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Friends of Troopers Hill
YANSEC Grant 2008

We were very pleased to receive a second grant award from YANSEC (Yanley and North Somerset Environment Company), which is substantially funded by Viridor Credits. This grant was for a project with a total cost of 21,500 of which Bristol Parks are contributing 10% in third party match funding. The grant was awarded in 2008 but most of the work was done during 2009.

Most of the money went towards improvents to the Greendown entrance to implement the design produced with our Awards for All Grant. The design can be seen from the link below:

 Design for Entrance C - Greendown (pdf 11Mb)

The original design brief that we prepared can be seen here. Given the topography of the hill it is obviously not appropriate to provide wheelchair access, but the new ramp and gate will make access easier and safer for all - especially parents with child buggies. The rotting wooden fence has been replaced with steel 'estate' type fencing. The final works, constructing and planting a bed with shrubs and some heather was completed in Autumn 2010, this was delayed from the Spring because of the unusually dry weather.

We are also delighted that the grant has allowed us to replace the benches that were installed with the earlier YANSEC grant in 2006. Two new benches were installed on the hill; while a third was installed next to the new play area on Troopers Hill Field. The positions for the benches were agreed following discussions at our meetings.

The funds have also paid for three new entrance signs at the entrance from the Field; at Greendown and at the lowest entrance from Troopers Hill Rd.

The photos below show the work as it progressed.

Our thanks again to YANSEC for their support.

Greendown Entrance Works
(YANSEC Grant 18,200)

This work was managed by Bristol Parks and constructed during the summer of 2009. The kissing gate is designed to allow access for child buggies while keeping out motorbikes.













New Entrance Signs
(YANSEC Grant 2,000)

Three new signs have been installed. The design was agreed between Bristol Parks and Friends of Troppers Hill.



New Benches
(YANSEC Grant 1,300)

These benches were installed by Friends of Troopers Hill in January 2010. The wooden tops are Holm Oak supplied by Touchwood. The positions are shown on the seating plan that was agreed in 2009. Two of the benches are on the hill - 'Virginia's View' and 'Heather View'. The third was installed next to the new play area on Troopers Hill Field.

The photos show the benches being installed and the last photo shows the Knapp family and Eva who were the first to use the completed 'Heather View' bench.

The benches were constructed as standard metal park benches with the wooden top added. This was done so that if the wooden top was damaged it could be removed and the bench would still be useable. We were pleased that all three of these benches lasted well, it was not until May 2019 that the first of the wooden tops (in the Field) had to be removed.

The timber on the 'Heather View' bench lasted until June 2023 and that at 'Virginia's View' is still in place.

An additional seat was also installed on the hill in January 2010 by Bristol Parks at the top of the steps from Greendown. This seat was donated to Troopers Hill in memory of Shirley May Purnell.

Virginia's View Heather View

Play Area Bench Virginia's View

Virginia's View Heather View

Heather View Heather View - first users

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