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Natural Learners

The Natural Learners project began in 2017 and aims to encourage local residents to develop a connection with the natural world by providing inspiring educational experiences on Troopers Hill.

The project is run by environmental educators Mali Kedward and Amy Stone.

In 2017 Mali & Amy trialled a series of sessions for families and school children, including:

• 10 ‘Wild Play’ sessions (morning sessions for pre-schoolers, 0-4 years old, and their parents/carers)

• 8 ‘Outdoor Explorer’ sessions (after-school sessions for children aged 4-8, and their parents/carers)

• 1 School session (with 30 Year 5 pupils visiting Troopers Hill from Summerhill Academy)
The family sessions proved popular, attracting 291 attendances in total (including children, parents and grandparents).

Fifty-one children aged 0-7 participated in the family sessions.

Feedback from participants was very encouraging:

• ‘All children were able to retain new information learnt. The activities suited a variety of learners, using visual, kinesthetic and auditory approaches.’ (Year 5 Teacher from Summerhill Academy)

• ‘We really enjoyed the group and it was the only activity we did regularly.’ (parent - Wild Play)

• ‘A great relaxed group with lots to entertain and excite children. Good opportunity to involve risk in safe controlled setting with fab helpers.’ (parent - Wild Play)

• ‘It is a lovely group. We often come to Troopers Hill but rarely for so long.’ (parent - Outdoor Explorers)
Friends of Troopers Hill is currently working with Mali and Amy to secure funding to enable the continuation of the project in 2018.

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