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Friends of Troopers Hill
Old Site Leaflets

From this page you can download pdf versions of leaflets about the Hill produced before Friends of Troopers Hill were formed.

Copies of our current leaflets can be downloaded here or picked up at any of our events or guided walks - see our Events Page for details.

If you have any other old leaflets or information about the Hill (perhaps you have photographs from the 1991/92 'Action Days') we would be pleased to hear from you.

Introducing Troopers Hill LNR - 1995

This leaflet was produced by 'Bristol City Council Leisure Services Directorate'.

There is no date on the leaflet, but we believe it was issued in 1995 to coinside with the declaration of Troopers Hill as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in June that year.

 Download Introducing Troopers Hill LNR

Troopers' Hill ...is wearing out - 1991

This leaflet was produced by the Bristol Development Corporation.

The leaflet invited people to a public meeting to discuss work planned on the Hill for later that year. This work included the wooden fences around the Hill and work to the footpaths, some of this can be seen in progress on our Old Photographs pages here.

The idea that Troopers Hill was 'wearing out' was not accurate and in fact the areas of bare earth are some of the Hill's most important habitats since they are home to the rare mining bees. You can see how little the main area of erosion in the centre of the Hill has changed from the 1950s here. It is fortunate that the full plans for re-seeding or returfing were not carried out.

In 1992 the Bristol Development Corporation also funded a Management plan for the Hill.

 Download Troopers' Hill ...is wearing out

Woodlands of the Avon Valley - 1991

These leaflets were also produced by the Bristol Development Corporation.

The first leaflet invited people to public meetings in October 1991 to discuss plans for the various areas of woodland in the Avon Valley, including 'Blackswarth Wood'; 'Joycewood' and 'Crew's Hole Woodland' on our side of the valley as well as St Anne's Wood and Birchwood in Brislington.

 Download Woodlands leaflet |  Download Action Days leaflet

The Avon Valley project - 1991

Another two Bristol Development Corporation leaflets about their plans for the Avon Valley and their activities in the area.

The first leaflet includes plans for Crews Hole Road: "deterring traffic from using it as a through route and providing better lighting and footpaths". It also shows the new paths constructed that year on Troopers Hill.

 Download Avon Valley project leaflet

The second leaflet invites people to 'Action Days' organised by Avon Wildlife Trust in Crew's Hole Woodland, meeting at the end of Malvern Rd. These were to be held in December 1991 and Spring 1992.

The photo of part of the new path also features in this leaflet with a report on the resoration of the chimney. There is a feature about a litter pick on Troopers Hill where "more than 120 entusiastic volunteers turned up".

Our thanks to Roy for keeping copies of these leaflets.

 Download Working for a Better Environment

BDC Priorities for Landscape - 1991

This Bristol Development Corporation 'brochure' sets out their environmental priorities for the whole of their area.

It included some artists impressions of how parts of the area could be developed, two of which feature Troopers Hill.

The brochure was A4 opening up to two sides of A2.

 BDC Priorities for the Landscape Side 1

 BDC Priorities for the Landscape Side 2
(overall layout & enlarged details)

Crews Hole with Troopers Hill in the background

A proposed boathouse for Crews Hole

Totterdown Basin

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