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Friends of Troopers Hill
New Benches June 2006

Funded by YANSEC

The first bench was installed at the top of these steps,
it can be seen next to the small oak tree.
The bench was made at our May Work Party.

Installing the bench was a real team effort - and great fun!

There is a fantastic view from here of the river and the city.
We know this spot as 'Virginia's View' in memory of
our first Membership Secretary who enjoyed this view,
and will always be sadly missed.

The gang on the new bench, before the wine was opened.

This bench was made by participants in a local Youth Inclusion Project
based at Barton Hill Settlement at a workshop run
by Touch Wood Enterprises and organised by the Groundforce Project.
You can see photos of the work in progress here
It has been sited on the edge of what we believe to be
a bomb crater and is therefore known as 'bomb crater bench'.

The other bench is in Crews Hole Woodland at the entrance to Sally's Glade.
This is at the top of a flight of steps and is another point with a view across Bristol
(subject to the Japanese Knotweed being killed off).

We refer to this point as Little Elizabeth's View in commemoration of Elizabeth Emra,
the Country Parson's Daughter, who wrote about St George in the 1830s.

Unfortunately the two benches on the hill were destroyed by vandals within a month of them being installed.
These were replaced as part of a later project also funded by YANSEC.

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