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Old Photographs of Troopers Hill
Set J - from Barton Hill History Group
Staffieri House & Factory

These photographs show some of the history of the site of what is now Beaufort Heights on the corner of Strawberry Lane and Beaufort Rd, next to the cemetry. This was mentioned on our old Forum under the 'Memories of Troopers Hill' thread in April 2007 and this lead to BHHG contacting us with these photos and then further discussion on the forum.

An archive of 'Memories of Troopers Hill' - scroll down to 12th April 2007.

An archive of 'Ice cream wafer factory' - April 2008.

Before the flats were built there was an ice-cream wafer factory and a large house, both belonging to the Staffieri family. Earlier owners of the house are reported to have been Fred Ashmead and his wife Amy (unless they owned another nearby house?) - Fred Ashmead owned many of the motor barges that went up and down to Butlers.

Other information about the Staffieri family that our members have found on the web:

London Gazette - Employing Women & Young Persons - 19 May 1933

Bristol woman celebrates happy 100th with family - This is Bristol 17 Nov 09

Proud and caring centenarian and great-grandmother - This is Bristol 05 Nov 10

Ice cream wafer factory

A map showing the location of the factory - the arrows show where the three photos below were taken.

Factory entrance

View A - The factory entrance.

Ice cream wafer factory

View B - the factory.

1970s Then and Now - Click on dates to change view 05 Mar 2008

Ice cream wafer factory

View C - the factory.

Staffieri House

The Staffieri's house.

Staffieri House

Another view of the house.

A greenhouse in the garden

The family in the garden. The greenhouses were used to grow food for staff meals.

We would like to learn more about the Staffieri family and the factory; if you have any information, please Contact Us.

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