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Wheelchair Accessible Path

In March 2006 Friends of Troopers Hill were awarded a grant of 2,910 from YANSEC. Part of this money was to fund a path to provide wheelchair access from Troopers Hill Field to the chimney at the top of the hill. Work started in summer 2006 and the excavation work was completed to establish the route.

The surface material originally proposed was found to be unsuitable for use on the slopes on Troopers Hill so there was then a delay while various alternatives were considered. During this process Bristol Parks confirmed that they would be applying for a Green Flag Award for Troopers Hill and as a result additional money would be available from their disabled access fund to extend the path and install some new seats and an interpretation board.

Construction of the path was completed in April 2007 and the first four photos below show the newly installed surface on 30th April. The seats were installed in May. The last photo was taken in August 2007 when the raw edges of the new path had naturalised.

Thanks to both YANSEC and Bristol Parks for their support in completing this project. The initial grant from YANSEC was the key to achieving our aim of allowing wheelchair users and others with limited mobility to access the hill. This in turn was a major factor in Bristol Parks selecting Troopers Hill as one of three sites in Bristol to be put forward for a Green Flag Award in 2007.

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