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Conservation Management for Peolple and Wildlife

Help Friends of Troopers Hill raise funds for wildlife conservation work.

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Troopers Hill is managed in accordance with a Management Plan and our vision for Troopers Hill :

To enhance the use of the site for recreation by the local community while protecting its natural beauty, rich bio-diversity, history and geology.

The most important habitat on Troopers Hill is the acidic grassland and heathland, this covers the central area of the site and is the core of the reserve and the reason it was created.

Day-to-day management of Troopers Hill is undertaken by Bristol Parks and Friends of Troopers Hill assist in managing Troopers Hill for wildlife at our regular Conservation Work Parties.

However, there are some tasks that need external contractors to be brought in to assist with managing the site, for example additional winter conservation works.

This work is even more important at a time of an Ecological Emergency

Friends of Troopers Hill, led by our Chair, Susan, are asking for additional funds for nature conservation on the site. This money will be used for everything from gloves and tools for volunteers to paying contractors to do work beyond the abilities of volunteers and Bristol City Council. Nature conservation also includes events to encourage people to value the site, such as the Bugs and Beasties event we hold in August during Bristol Balloon Fiesta weekend.

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BCC Climate and Ecological Emergency Community Grant
August 2022

We were very pleased to hear in August 2022, that a grant of £5,000.00 had been agreed from the BCC Climate and Ecological Emergency Community Grant Programme for cutting and removing gorse to reduce the risk of fire and ensure that the reserve's biodiversity is maintained and increased.

We believe that being able to add some of our own donations from our Crowdfunding appeal was vital in allowing us to get this grant. Larger areas of gorse were cleared by contractors, while our volunteers cleared patches that were appearing amongst heather or grassland.

This much needed work was carried out in January 2023 & January 2024.

We would like to do more than just the work funded by the grant, so please do consider donating if you can.

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Gorse is one of the challenges we face on site, there are many more. Why not come to a nature conservation work party or one of our public events to find out more? Explore our website to find everything from Troopers Hill’s nature conservation management plan to the list of 83 species of bee that have been recorded there.

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If you would like to start your own fundraising campaign to help with this important work please contact us to discusss your ideas.

Funds raised for Nature Conservation works will be used to pay contractors for additional works or to purchase tools, equipment or materials for use by volunteers.

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Friends of Troopers Hill are also keen to welcome groups from local offices who can work on Troopers Hill as part of team-building exercises or would just like to give something back to the local community while having a great day out.

If you are a member of a group or represent a company who would like to visit to work on Troopers Hill, then please see our information sheet for Corporate or Group Volunteering (pdf) and get in touch, we would be pleased to see you.

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