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Summary of Results

1,700 copies of a questionnaire about Malvern Road Open Space were delivered by hand by volunteer Friends of Troopers Hill, a big thank for all their help. We also had an online version of the form on our website Thank you also to Bristol Council for a freepost address for returning the questionnaires and both Bristol Council and Somerfield for paying the printing costs.

Why this questionaire?

The questionnaire is one of the tasks in the 5 year management plan for Troopers Hill. So many people regard Malvern Road Open Space as part of Troopers Hill that it raised a need to find out what, if anything, people wanted done in that area. 173 people took the trouble to complete and return the form, some with accompanying letters. There was even a planting plan with one of the questionnaires. This, at over 10%, is a very good rate of return for a questionnaire.

When and why do you visit?

91 of the respondents said they visited the open space more than once a week, 6 visit 1-3 times a month, 60 visit 1 to 6 times a year, 9 less than once a year and the rest did not say. The majority (109) lived 0-5 minutes away. The top 3 reasons given for not visiting frequently was "there is not much for the kids to do" (15), difficulty of access that included wheelchairs, push chairs, steep hill and mobility issues (7) and dog mess. Top 5 reasons for using the Open Space: for a stroll (97), to get to Troopers Hill (79), accompanying a child (70), dog walking (58) and using the swing or slide (54).

The main "other" reason for visiting was to watch the Balloon Fiesta (7).

What do you call it?

We asked what name people used for the Open Space. 31 said "Troopers Hill, 25 "The Field", 10 Troopers Hill Park, 9 Troopers Hill Field. There were 49 different names in total, many only used by one respondent e.g. Top of the Tump, Troopers Hill "flat" and many more.

What changes do you want?

There was a clear majority in terms of what changes people wanted. 81 people said they wanted to improve the play area, possibly with a change of site to another part of the open space and fenced off from dogs. The next 3 issues raised was a wish for benches or seating (38), 18 wanted to add paths and 14 wanted less dog mess (this theme will be raised again!).

What do you like?

The top 6 things that people liked - the view (51), the open space (50), that it was nearby (30), the peace and quiet (26) and that it was safe enough and big enough for large numbers of children to play (24).

What do you not like?

Well I did say the dog mess theme would come back. The top 5 things that people did NOT like, DOG MESS (80) and there were lots of respondents that said they picked theirs up - so very well done to those who do, and keep up the good work - it must be very discouraging when other people don't. Then it was lack of play equipment (32) - not surprising as the last swing has been burnt and there is only a slide left, vandalism (20), groups of youths, some drinking, on motorbikes or breaking play equipment (17), then muddy areas (16).

What events would you like?

Lots of you are interested in coming to events, 86 to "family fun", 75 to activities for children, 56 for social events and 49 for art-based activities. Other suggestions were made but there was no real common thread e.g. 4 were interested in car boot sales, 3 in fetes, 2 in a dog show, 2 in organised walks and 2 in music and drama, after that only they were one person suggestions.

Will you help?

Some of the best news was that 18 people were willing to help organise events, 72 people were willing to attend a meeting about the future of Malvern Road open space and 138 people wanted further information.

Most people were happy to give details of their age and ethnicity. This will be very helpful if it comes to putting together grant applications, thank you.

What happens next?

Those 18 people who volunteered to help organise events are going to be contacted to talk about how they want to join in taking these results forward and then a general invitation will go out to the 72 and others on the Friends of Troopers Hill mailing list to let you know how we have progressed and to ask you for more detail about what you want and how you want it achieved.

Many thanks

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey.

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