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Butlers' Family Photographs from the 1880s / 90s

These family photographs are taken from pages of a photo album believed to have belonged to the Butler family, you can see other photographs from the album here.

The Butler Family - Group Photograph

This first photograph is also shown the main album page.

There is no information on who is in this family group, but given the context of the rest of the album it is likely to be members of the Butler family.

The older man towards the centre with the white beard is most likely William Butler, the lady to his right is likely his wife, Ann - this would put the date of the photo as pre-1886.

Lying down and also with a beard is almost certainly William Henry Butler, William Butler's son.

Brian Vincent, who wrote a book about Butlers and the Tars Works - avaiable via the ALHA website - says:

"The Butler family group one is fascinating! It is difficult to be sure about the identities of all the people in it. It must be pre-1886, when William's wife, Ann died, because, as you suggest, I am pretty sure (from another photo) that is her on William's right. The lady on her right is their youngest daughter, Ada. Could the other 4 ladies sitting in that row be the other 4 sibling sisters (Mary, Sarah, Emma, and Ellen)? As to their 4 brothers are they in the photo as well? Clearly the chap in front on the ground is William Henry."

It is possible that this was taken at Summerhill House, by 1881 this was the home of William Henry Butler, William Butler and his wife Ann had moved to Clifton.

The Butler family 1890s?

William Butler

This could have been taken at Summerhill House, or perhaps at William Butler's House at The Grove, Clifton.


Clearly a wedding photograph, but whose wedding? The older man with the white beard does not appear to be William Butler, perhaps father of the bride?

Could the bridegroom be William's son, Thomas? If so this would be 1883 when he married Rosa Kate Smith.

However, Brian Vincent suggests a "possibility is that it is the wedding of Samuel Stevens Butler's daughter, Emma (born 1860). Samuel was one of William Butler's younger brothers who ran the brickworks next to the Sandhurst tar works for a while (see p10 of my Butler book). Emma married Thomas Bagguley in Buxton in 1883." This would explain other members of the Butler family not being present.

Posing Couple

These three images all appear to show the same couple in posed photographs.

Family Group

In the Countryside

At Snuff Mills

This appears to have been taken at Snuff Mills.

Young Boy / Baby

These were adjacent in the album, so couuld be brother & sister.

Relaxing in the Garden

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