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All you never wanted to know about dog fouling?

--- Posting from our now closed Forum ---
On Friday 7th February John Atkinson of Bristol City Council and 2 volunteers from Friends of Troopers Hill picked up 108 piles of dog faeces from Troopers Hill, the Field and the woodland. Volunteers then followed up spray painting and counting new piles several times a day until and including Monday 10th February.

Many thanks for all the encouraging comments made to the volunteers from many walkers during that wet and windy time.

Here are the counts of when, where and how many piles were found.

When we first wrote about this exercise on Facebook there was a comment that we ought also to count all the dog poo bags put in the bins so we could say whether responsible behaviour completely outweighs irresponsible behaviour. We pointed out that opening a bag full of dog poo bags, many of them not tied, would not be the pleasantest job in the world. Instead we have gone for the less precise but less risky to health option of weighing the entire contents of each bin on the Hill and the Field this morning as the bins were emptied. Many thanks to our wonderful Community Park Keeper, Jules, for doing this.

Here are the results. The bins were weighed this morning, Monday, at 9am. The bins were last emptied on Thursday afternoon, so 3 days of waste were being weighed:

What this means: Approximately 90 bags of waste were put in bins each day, the count of waste left on the Hill came to approximately 40 per day. So about a third of all dog waste on Troopers Hill is not being picked up.

This means we all have a big challenge to turn this around. All ideas welcomed. The next step is to gather all the information we have and come up with some simple straightforward questions for people to help us arrive at a solution that is better for all of us.

Posted by Susan Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:53 pm

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