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Troopers Hill Tree Trail

Welcome to the Troopers Hill Tree Trail

We have labelled various trees in Troopers Hill Woodland to form a trail that you can follow learning more about the trees as you go.

26 trees are included in the trail and the locations marked on the map. They are mainly on the edges of paths but in a few cases are more difficult to reach and may involve going through stinging nettles to reach them or risking scratches from bramble. These trees are marked with an asterisk on the tree list.

The 16-page information pack has detailed information about the trees and photographs to aid identification.

We hope you enjoy finding, recognising and perhaps learning more about these trees. If you would like to try some tree recognition challenges download the Leaf, Fruit or Bark challenges from the links below.

The trees were identified by dendrologist Tony Titchen who also provided the greater part of notes included in the information pack about the trees. Notes supplemented and edited by Susan Acton-Campbell who also produced the map. All photos by Susan Acton-Campbell

Funding for this tree trail was provided by the Big Lottery via the Community Spaces Programme.

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Answers: Leaf Challenge - Fruit Challenge - Bark Challenge

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