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St George Neighbourhood Partnership

St George Neighbourhood Partnership helped Friends of Troopers Hill with a number of projects from 2009 to 2016.

Following changes to the way the Council works a new group the St George Community Network has now taken over many of the roles of the partnership. Friends of Troopers Hill are looking forward to working with the Network in the coming years.
Through the Neighbourhood Committee, the Partnership allocated 'Section 106' money in March 2015 to be used as match funding for a new play area on Troopers Hill Field.

Friends of Troopers Hill were then able to raise grants to cover the rest of the cost and the play area and it was constructed in 2016.

Friends of Troopers Hill have been awarded a total of over 3,500 from the Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Fund. This money was for:

 A new dog bin - Autumn 2009 - See 'The dance of the dog bins' in the Autumn 2009 edition of 'The Hill'

 Tree works and planting adjacent to Troopers Hill Rd - Autumn 2010 - More Details

 Grant to St George Strollers - Summer 2011 - More Details

 Grant to St George Strollers - September 2013 - More Details

 Grant for 2015 Dog Show - June 2015 - More Details

 Grant for Play Area Celebration Event - June 2016 - More Details

In 2015 Friends of Troopers Hill, Friends of St George Park and Friends of Dundridge Park were awarded amoney from the Neighbourhood Partnership Green Capital Fund to organise a series of walks thrughout St George, including some at Troopers Hill.

Section 106 money was also allocated to build a new path at the edge of Troopers Hill Field. This work was carried out in Spring 2013.

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