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These trails were installed in 2013 and are no longer maintained, some of the markers may be missing.

Please Contact Us for advice if you are bringing a group to follow the trails.

Troopers Hill - Fun Learning Trails

Three short trails to follow around Troopers Hill - explore the Hill and learn more about the wildlife that lives there.

Welcome to the Trails

As part of our Stepping Forward Project Friends of Troopers Hill have created three new marked trails for schools and families with primary school age children.

The trails are designed to help you find out more about the wonderful wildlife on this very special hill. There are several ways to access these trails, depending on age and the amount of challenge you are seeking.

The three trails begin near the top of the Hill, as shown on the map to the right. They use symbols based on artwork drawn by children from Summerhill Academy; some of the orginal artwork is shown on this page.

Watch a video with information about the Trails Here >>

The trails also make wonderful short walks for visitors of all ages. The 'Discovery Challenge' sheets have maps showing the location of the markers on the three trails. You should also take the three 'Factsheets' with you which describe the wildlife you might see. These can all be downloaded as one file here.

Using the Trails

The links towards the bottom of the page take you to maps and other information you can print off to help you find your way around the trails and learn about the Hill as you go.

All trails:
• Are described in a clockwise direction
• Use symbols like these to show you where the species occur
• Have names of metals associated with Troopers Hill in the past. The plates look like those metals (copper, brass, zinc).
• Have different shapes note the shape for the one you are following: copper = circle; brass = square; zinc = oval
• Have fixed symbols which are not always obvious children will need to be encouraged to look under, over, in-between and especially behind them
• Show steps as black and yellow stripes on the maps

More Information

We recommend good footwear to avoid slips and trips, and suitable clothing for a windy hill.

Please note there are no toilets at Troopers Hill.

You can learn more about how this project was developed and funded here: Stepping Forward Schools Project.

Our thanks to environmental education specialist, Ruth Coleman and the pupils & teachers at Summerhill Academy for their help in putting the project together.

Trail Information and Maps to Print off - for families or small groups visiting independently >>

Trail Information and Maps to Print off - for schools or youth groups organising visits >>

Project conceived and produced by Ruth Coleman (0117 963 3178).
Funded by the Big Lottery Community Spaces Scheme and the Co-operative Membership Community Fund.
Original artwork by pupils at Summerhill Academy. Plates created by Steve Joyce.

On this page: | Welcome to the Trails | Using the Trails | More Information |

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