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Dark Sky Discovery SiteTroopers Hill
Dark Sky
Discovery Site

Troopers Hill was declared as a "Orion Class" Dark Sky Discovery Site in December 2015.

Despite its location in the midst of brightly lit St George it is a good place to visit for star and planet watching, relatively protected from light pollution and with a good horizon.

Dark Sky Discovery Sites are places that:

  • provide good sightlines of the sky
  • are away from the worst of any local light pollution
  • have good public access, including firm ground for wheelchairs and are generally freely accessible at all times.

"Orion" sites are those where the seven main stars in the winter constellation Orion are visible to the naked eye. Typically, this means away from, or shielded from, bright lights such as street lights, security lights or approaching car lights.

Visiting Troopers Hill for Star Gazing

Photo by Benn Baker, annotated by Rod Davis Maps & directions to Troopers Hill

Star gazers should visit Troopers Hill via the wheelchair access route from Malvern Road, use torches and either keep to the wheelchair access path or keep north and west of the chimney on the fairly flat area of turf nearby. As Troopers Hill is an exposed hillside, layers of warm, windproof clothing including head covering are advised.

The best observing site is near the chimney on top of the hill where you are above the City's lights.

The Hill is in a residential area, please consider our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, especially if visiting late at night or early morning.

Star Gazing Events at Troopers Hill

Star gazing events are organised each year with the Bristol Astronomical Society

Past events:

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Other Dark Sky Discovery Sites in Bristol: The Downs - Victoria Park.

More Information


Map showing all UK Dark Sky Discovery Sites

Bristol Astronomical Society - www.bristolastrosoc.org.uk


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